“Today, I visited” Pork bone ramen specialty store Ichigo Ichimiya store ” ^ ^


It is “purchase shop Ichinomiya station square store”

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Today is in Ichinomiya City Green

I visited “Pork bone ramen specialty store Ichizu Ichimiya store”

There are also stores in Nagoya City and Gifu

Ichinomiya opened in Ichinomiya

I bothered you this time

It will open on September 5, 2022

Pachinko slot

A store in the first peace parking lot

I am preparing

Entering the store! !

The time I asked was after 13:00

There were only a few customers

There was a line on the opening day

Is there about 10 counter seats in the store?

There are about 10 seats, but the inside of the store is spacious and relaxing

The parking lot is a pachinko parlor parking lot

It is said that it can be used, so you can stop a considerable number

Then it will be a menu

↓ ↓

“Musou Ramen”


When ordered, “Sibire” and “pungency”

I will be asked

“Sybile”. 。 。 This is the first time

It looks like the amount of pepper

Ordered by adding “Sibire” and “pungency”

And rice! !

With a thick and thick soup

It foams a little and makes your appetite intrigue

“Sybile” and “pungency” are also topped

The soup is a rich pork bone soup

It is thick and sticky as it looks

Is delicious

It’s 크레이지슬롯 a soup that is easy to drink without habit.

The taste of pork bones is effective

If you dissolve “Sybile” and “pungency”

It will be a different soup taste again

For the first time, I had “Sibire”

There are quite a few punches

It may be addictive

The noodles have a rich scent of eggs and wheat

It is a medium -thin straight noodle

It has a chewy texture and has excellent compatibility with soup.

The ingredients are char siu and menma

It’s a green onion

The char siu is also soft

Menma is large and chewy

I am also particular about the ingredients

It’s a shop you want to bother you again.

next time

“Musou garlic ramen”

I’ll enjoy having this

I also shot a video

The situation is Instagram’s reel

I’m posting to tiktok

Please take a look

It was very delicious today

“Pork bone ramen specialty store Ichigo Ichimiya store”

It was a treat

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