The day when “Mother2 Gig’s Counterattack” was released. In the immortal masterpiece RPG that has been loved, CMs and the mysterious character “Dosei -san” featuring Takuya Kimura are unforgettable. ] (Famitsu.com)

Sentence: 28 years ago, 28 years ago, August 27, 1994 (Heisei 19), the day when the Super Nintendo software “Mother2 Gig’s Counterattack” was released. “Mother2 Gig’s Counterattack” See [Article Image (7 sheets)] is the second popular RPG series released by Nintendo. Similar to the previous work, Shigesato Itoi is also famous for Moon Riders Keiichi Suzuki and current Creatures Hirokazu Tanaka are working on music. For about five years from the previous work “MOTHER”, it was released by relocating hard from NES to Super Nintendo. The first thing to imagine about this work is the TV commercial that actors and singer Takuya Kimura appeared. When the brothers are having tea together, the surrounding customers suddenly start chorus with “Maza -Tsu ~”. The two siblings start singing in sync with confusion, but the singing of the child is “Mazatsu, Mazatsu”, and the singing with a little removal is funny and memorable. The catch phrase, “Adults, children, and sisters,” were impressive, so many people still remember it. Speaking of which, when you decide the names of the protagonists, if you choose “Leave it”, I feel that some candidates have been named after the name of the former SMAP member. nostalgic. The game is set on Earth in 199x. The previous work was the center of the stage in the United States at the time, but this work expanded to a global scale. While traveling back and forth in areas with motifs in various countries, you will have a great adventure. When the enemy is defeated, the money is transferred to the bank, and the series unique to the series, such as pulling out of the cash species, is 호게임 still alive in this work, and it was possible to order home delivery pizza and recover the HP. In the battle, HP and PP (points required for PSI use) are characteristic, and it is interesting that numbers increase or decrease as the slot drum rotates. When it was severely damaged, there was some grace time before it became zero, so techniques such as recovering and avoiding the incompetence were used during that time. In “MOTHER2”, many unique characters are as good as the previous work, but the one that is particularly impressive is “Dosei -san”. Among the writers, the level has not been encountered 26 years after this character exceeds the impact of this character. Big nose, dark eyebrows, red ribbon on one hair growing on the head. Moreover, the appearance of one head (?) Is shocking, but when you talk, it will be displayed on your own special font. There are also mysterious words such as “Po -n” and “Gunmaken!” I think many people have the impression that they are pretty, but for some reason I was a little scared (laughs). Did you speak with a special font like a resident in a different world? This work and the previous work “MOTHER” can be played on Nintendo Switch Online, so why not play it? Also, I think that the MOTHER series has various memories to everyone readers, but I would like to recommend a book “Pollyanna” (Pollyanna), a famous writer with thoughts on the series. In this official tribute comic, 35 writers such as Ino Asano, Toby Fox, Taiyo Matsumoto, and Saho Yamamoto participate. He contributes his works in various forms, such as essays, gags, features, and illustrations. You will be able to sympathize with “there was”. * This article re -edited the article published on August 27, 2020.

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