“Reviewing cheap high cospa M.2 SSD, KIOXIA EXCERIA G2 on Amazon! ]

This time, I will review my first M.2 SSD in my life on Amazon Prime Day in July.

The SSD purchased this time is an M.2 SSD connected to NVME GEN3 called “KIOXIA EXCERIA G2”.

This SSD is sold relatively cheaply, but this time I was able to buy 1TB at a low price of 8,440 yen.

The main specifications are as follows ↓ ↓ ↓

KIOXIA built -in SSD 1TB NVME M.2 Type 2280


Pcie Gen 3.0 × 4 Domestic BICS Flash installed

・ DRAM cache registered ・ TLC

It looks like this.

In terms of speed, it is a slightly slower class for Gen3 connection NVME SSD.

By the way, many of the M.2 SSDs in the same price range are not equipped with DRAM cache and QLC adopt QLC, but I think this Exceria G2 is the biggest advantageous point with DRAM cache and TLC.

The package looks like this.

The SSD surface looks like this.

The back side looks like this.

Since the chip was a one -sided implementation type, I think that there is no problem with the installation of the heat sink or attaching it to the notebook PC.

I am not very familiar with SSD, so please refer to the image for detailed information such as the chip manufacturer on the mounted. (; ・ ∀ ・)

I immediately attached it to the motherboard and tried to clean Windows!

By the way, this time, the heat sink attached to the mazabo is also attached.

SMART information was like this. ↓

At 29 ° C’s room temperature, the temperature at the time of idle was around 46 ° C.

The temperature may be a little higher, but I think it is within the allowable range.

Next, I tried the benchmark using CrystalDiskMark.

I think that there is no problem because the speed as the name of the manufacturer comes out.

If you look at the benchmark result, it will be more different from SATA SSD! !

* 2.5 inch SATA SSD benchmark result ↓

And this time I actually copied about 70GB video data.

Since the Copy source SSD is a 2.5 -inch SATA SSD, the upper limit is about 500MB/s, but we could copy at a stable speed without speeding down!

By the way, the maximum temperature of the SSD at this time was rising to 57 ° C, but I think that there is no problem because it is not a high temperature such as the thermal slot ring.

It is an impression that I actually used, but I am usually satisfied without any problems.

I used to use a 2.5 -inch SATA SSD, but I didn’t really feel the difference in the experience of using M.2 SSD.

You can definitely feel a physical difference in copying large -capacity files such as video data, but … (^_^;))

In addition to the speed, there was no need to connect SATA cables and power cables, so the benefits of refreshing the inside of the PC case were great.

This time it was a GEN3 connection NVME SSD, but the motherboard is compatible with Gen4 NVME, so this time we plan to use GEN4 SSD for the OS and this KIOXIA SSD for data drive!

If you are looking for an M.2 SSD with an NVME connection at a low price, I think this KIOXIA EXCERIA G2 is a product that can be recommended as an SSD that can be introduced at a low price!

See below for detailed prices and specifications.

1TB model ↓

500GB model ↓

*important point

It is KIOXIA’s M.2 SSD introduced this time, but it seems that there is a problem with ASROCK’s Ryzen motherboard!

There seems to be some motherboard that supports the BIOS update, so 크레이지슬롯 it is recommended that you check carefully on the manufacturer’s website before purchasing.

It is also a video, so please refer to it.

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