“Meals with customers who have contracted”

Customers who have been delivered at the end of last month, invite them

To her of Fujisawa because the customer’s father is acquainted

You are a very close family,

We had a good time

There are many necessary documents, so I think 코인카지노 it was fluttering at first,

Thank you for your prompt and accurate response

* Poses are permission from the customer.

We have been firmly delivered after delivery.

Yokohama / Shonan area There is also a lot of property information only here ↓ ↓ ↓


Century 21 Fuji Realty Sakura Totsuka

4253-1 Totsuka-cho, Totsuka-ku, Yokohama-shi Sacras Totsuka 1F

Phone 045-863-0166

Mail murai@fuji-realty.com

Please contact us at any time!

Click here for architecture consultation → http://www.fj-r.jp/

Fuji Realty Sakura Totsuka store LINE @

We look forward to your additional friends.

Hat -hatred first experienced partner

You can still remember clearly

Log in to the first online casino

Looking around the site and excited

e? Is there a live show? ? ?


It’s sparkling!

Everyone is spending a lot of money

How many slots?

Everything looks interesting!

It’s the pleasure of coming to the first museum

Las Vegas’s air shavings

I guess it was already aptitude

If there was a rejection, the site would have been closed immediately

If you were good at crisis management ability, you would have escaped

I also worked at 10:00 in the morning at 23:00

Place one volume of beer

Obviously not normal

The first thing I reached

Video poker 🃏

Simple poker

Choose from $ 1 to $ 5

When the bed is confirmed, 5 cards are distributed

Replace only once and make a role

Even beginners even learned the rules in 10 seconds

The winning money is by choosing a gambling

Predict the color and numbers of the hidden playing cards

In the middle, it increased to 2 times 4 times

As a result, what happened

$ 40 increased to $ 1200


Beginner’s rack

My monthly salary is in an instant! ?

At that time I should have worked 300 hours a month

It didn’t have a decent brain anymore

Deep anger at the company

“Why here?” At the time of rust remaining stress

lack of sleep

A nutritious and sidewayed meal

I changed those days

✨ I earned 160,000 yen in 2 hours ✨

Beginar’s rack without confusion

Winning money gambling that hits the strange

The balance that increases when done

For excitement that I have never felt

Wrapped the smartphone with both hands with sweat


I made money in a short time

I can say now


If it’s an illusion

It ’s a casino trick

But you know

Earn a take -out in 2 hours

Get 300 hours of salary in 2 hours

I was 온라인바카라게임 just a smartphone

Eh, yaba

Do more ✨

What did your first victory use for?


You lost interestingly


I haven’t done it

Ride and dissolve all with Baccarat

But only experience remains

I can earn 160,000 yen

That is nearly 300,000.

I was relieved to be the winner