Lottery online sales expansion and dependency risks (Takashi Kiso)

On November 21, the Liberal Democratic and Komei Party confirmed that the basic bills, which specify measures against addiction, such as gambling due to the ban on casinos, are now resubmitted to the Diet. The draft was submitted to the lower house in June this year, and was originally scheduled to be established in the Diet this fall. However, it was abolished by the dissolution general election of the lower house in September. The Self -government party wants to establish the bill early, but the remaining session of the special parliament has already declined, and it is unlikely that the bill will be enacted in the Diet this term.

Since the establishment of the IR Promotion Law, which promotes Japan’s legalization and integrated resort introduction in December last year, the government has strongly promoted debate on addiction measures, such as establishing a ministerial meeting related to gambling and other addiction measures. rice field. The Shingemiatriminated Meeting has published a document in August stating that “strengthening gambling and other measures against addiction measures” has already indicated a policy of strengthening regulations in Japan, including pachinko and public competitions.

In this way, Japan’s gambling industries are currently at a major turning point, and are very nervous between socially necessary measures and industrial regulations that can be established as an “industry.” Although it continues, there is a related industry that is aiming to expand the industry outside the tension. That is the lottery industry. In August this year, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, which is in charge of lottery businesses, will expand the sales of lottery online, which is currently being operated only for “Lotto” and “Numbers”, from next year, and will be currently selling “Jumbo”. We announced a policy for all lotteries. In recent years, lottery sales have been declining, and the sales amount in FY2016 is 845.2 billion yen. It has already declined by more than 20 % since 2005, which peaked, and it was determined that it was essential to enhance online sales to promote the purchase of lottery for young people.

Lottery is separated from Article 185 of the Penal Code, which prohibits gambling in Japan, separately stipulated in Article 187 of the Penal Code as “Wealth Lottery”, and is legally less gambling than gambling. It was understood. However, the current lottery has been raised by the highest prize amount, and has been set up to the highest prize amount of other public sports and pachinko, which is up to 1 billion yen when combined up to the first and front and rear prizes. 。 Numbers’ selection lotteries, called Numbers, are provided at a high frequency of 5 days lottery from Monday to Friday, and the maximum prize for 카지노사이트 theoretical values ​​costs 900,000 yen. (Due to the game specification, it is not a fixed value)

In addition, the highest risk in the start of the lottery of lotteries that the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications aims to start from next year is the lottery called “scratch lottery”. The scratch lottery is a simple lottery that allows you to perform “Silver Hashi” on a ticket purchased for 200 to 300 yen, and you can see the results on the spot, but the highest prize amount of the scratch lottery released so far. It is the highest gambling product among all the lottery events that cost 50 million yen. If online sales are applied to this product, it is almost synonymous with turning online slots with a maximum prize of 50 million yen for 200 to 300 yen at a time. I myself have been pointing out since the early days when the lottery online sales were started.

[Reference] The revised lottery method is Japan’s first online gaming method?! Http://blog.livedoor.jp/takashikiso_casino/archives/6629241.html

In this way, the lottery industry has been described as “not a gambling” due to the difference in handling under the criminal law, and has continued to increase gambling without clarifying its social risks. Currently, the government is being fully placed outside the mosquito net, but is it all right to keep being left as it is? In fact, gambling industries, which have the highest social risk in Japan, may be the lottery industry. I am starting to think so.

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