Is stocks gambling for office workers?

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There are more and more workers crying and laughing because of stocks. This is because many workers who realized that home prices went up to the ceiling and eat and have increased the hardships of sanism, and realized that it is difficult to live with earned income alone, dreaming of “economic freedom” and becoming interested in stock investment. In fact, in early 2020, KOSPI, which is the representative stock index of Korea, has been cut in half, and in less than a year, the stock craze seems to have been influenced by more than 3,000 points. From one day, you can easily hear the conversations of office workers, ‘Today’s Electronics has risen a lot’ and ‘ㅇㅇ Tech has plunged’.

In fact, in the past, there was a time when the word ‘shares would be disappointed’. In 1995 and 2000, the information and communication industry was in the spotlight, and IT venture companies were born, and as related stocks soared, the craze blew into the stock market. Compared to the lowest price at the time of the foreign exchange crisis, KOSPI has surged more than four times to 288p → 1,059p (’20. January) and KOSDAQ to 60p → 281p (’20. March). Some IT theme stocks, which were noted during this period, rose hundreds of times, showing an explosive stock price.

This phenomenon is ‘dot -com bubble’ or ‘IT bubble’ that made many people dream of a stock jackpot and life reversal. But as you can see from the word bubble, the light quickly faded. In the last day of 2000, when it was so hot, it fell to 504p, half of KOSPI, and KOSDAQ was finished at 52P, a fifth. Since then, KOSPI has not surpassed 1,000p in 2005, after five years, and KOSDAQ recovered from 21 years later, so many people had to endure time.

Who would have been the main investors of these stocks? Yes, it was my parents’ generation. They had to watch the collapse and collapse of the bubble field, which were on a high march, and some would have endured the loss of unprecedented losses. The deep negative perception of stock investment is still due to the trauma. Many people think stock investment is similar to gambling in racing and casinos. If so, is stocks really gambling as people think? If not, what is the difference between gambling?

▶ What is stock?

First, let’s look at why stocks are created. Companies need funds when starting their business or when making new investments. At this time, it is borrowed from a bank in the form of a ‘debt’, but it also issues shares in the form of sharing ‘capital’ of companies. It is the issuance of stocks to raise funds without paying interest by sharing the ownership of the company to investors and shareholders. Thus, the purchase of stocks for investors means to occupy some ownership of a company. Investors bought certain shares, and if companies make more money in the future through facility investment, the company’s value will increase and the stock price will also increase. As a result, stock prices represent the value of companies evaluated by people, and the ‘stock market’ is the sum of these companies.

Let’s find a similar example in real life. Mr. A wants to set up a chicken house, but he lacks funds. At this time, there will be a way to borrow money from the bank and to find a partner investor. Considering the bank’s interests every month, I think it’s too risk to do business with loans. Should I give up like this? At the same time, I talked to Mr. B’s brother, B. Mr. B, an office worker, had a lot of money collected in his social life, and he wanted to invest somewhere. Eventually, after the top of the top, Mr. B decides to add 50%of the investment costs for Mr. A to set up a chicken house and to receive some of the profits from the chicken house.

The business started with such a dramatic investment. Mr. A prepared for the business and the ‘Wanggalbi Tong Chicken’, which was ambitiously released after a long recipe study, was sold out, and the chicken house was hit! Although he does not participate in direct management, Mr. B, an investor, is happy to get some of the chicken house profits. In addition, as the business thrives, there are also people around Mr. B that they will buy a 50% ownership of chicken house with a premium.

In the end, Mr. A issued a 50% stake in the company and sold the right to Mr. B. Mr. B, an investor, not only receives dividends for profits, but also raises the value of rights. It is possible to sell at the price. In a word, we have been successful in investing! Of course, if the chicken house is ruined and ruined, there is a risk that no one can return its rights, not to pay dividends for profits. After all, stocks are a certificate of ownership of the company, and stock purchase is an act of predicting the future value of the business.

▶ difference between stocks and gambling

“But in the end, no one knows how the value of a company will change in the future. Some may claim this. This may be the case in terms of uncertainty of ‘unknown’. However, stock investment is essentially different from gambling for the following reasons.

First, stocks are assets with essential value or intrinsic value. Companies are economic agents who have assets and generate profits. Stocks are equivalent to the real value of corporate assets and profits, and can be cashed at any time with the market price recognized in the market at the point of view. In addition, if you own stocks, you can create cash flow through dividend. Outstanding companies allocate much of their profits to investors. Leading companies such as Samsung Electronics, Hyundai Motor, and POSCO are also providing dividends every quarter and actively carrying out the ‘shareholder return policy’. In particular, in the age of low interest rates, the attractiveness is also increasing because the profit margin is higher than the savings rate. Meanwhile, roulette in casinos or bet on horse racing does not guarantee any economic reality. Participation in the roulette game does not mean that a part of the casino’s roulette table assets, nor do you bet on horse racing. Gambling is just an act of fighting the Win or Lose for uncertain individual events. As such, gambling is a fundamental difference in betting on simple independent variables and betting on the value of assets and interests.

Second, gambling is a typical Zero Sum game where someone makes money when someone loses money, but stocks are not. Gambling is a cruel cruelty of the winners and losers. However, the stock market is not just a stage that breaks out between participants, such as Squid Game. The stock price reflects the fair fault of the company’s interests and growth in the long run, and the more the share price rises, the greater the proceeds of all shareholders. Of course, when there are external shocks such as Corona Panda, the market plunges and sometimes not good for anyone. However, after short trials, the stock market soared and most people could see the time to make money. (It’s time for a lot of ‘Gummu Birds’ shouting that you will live at that time.)

Third, gambling is said to be ‘first -time dogs’, and even if you earn money, you will be more likely to lose (in the long run) over time. For example, the slot machine installed by the casino is designed to lose money as the number of games increases. Even if it’s a machine, it’s a half -like roulette game at first and a half chance, and a 51.3%chance of winning the casino and a 48.7%chance of winning the user. The roulette is half of the number from 0 to 36, so 18 are red and the remaining 18 are black, so you can think of a 50:50 chance, but when the beads enter 0, it is a game that is initially disadvantageous.

Games like Blackjack and Poker also increase the chances of defeating as the number of experienced casino dealers increases, and Sports Saturday also designs the odds and dividends for their own benefit. (This margin is called ‘house edge’)

However, the main ceremony can make money at first, like gambling, but it is not a structure that increases in the long run. On the contrary, it is already proven that the stock price eventually emerates as human technology develops and the economy is gradually decent from a long -term perspective.

Below is a representative Nasdaq comprehensive chart in the United States. Although there are many short -term bends, as a result, +7,522%p is now rising compared to 1981 (‘21.10/8 days). Means 7522 billion won! On the contrary, let’s say you have a huge initial fund of 7522 billion won. What if you have been gambling from 1981 since 1981? Perhaps before the 21st century arrives, it is likely to be a vacant battery and a pile of debt.

▶ There are also ‘gamblers’ in the stock market and ‘business partner’

In the end, it can be seen that the vague rejection of stock investment mentioned above may be due to the lack of understanding the essential difference between stock investment and gambling. Unfortunately, it is a reality that ‘gamblers’ exist in the stock market. This is because the stock investment method that relies only on the ‘rising and falling probability’ today is no different from the mechanism of gambling. Even Warren Buffett, called the god of investment, said, ‘I don’t know how to predict short -term stocks,’ and said that they do not trust those who predict the stock price for a few days. After all, in order to make stocks rather than gambling, patience and persistence, which thoroughly analyzes the value of the company and waits for the time to converge on the value, is the most important. Is it ironic and interesting that stocks can be gambling depending on ‘investment and mindset’ or a great means of investment?

I think stocks are not much different from private business. Even if I do not do business, I enjoy the fruit of the company 카지노 with valuable funds, or sometimes lose money when the business is not good. Personally, however, stock investment is much more likely to be more realistic or success than start -ups. Most of the workers who pursue economic freedom will dream of doing their own business, but they feel a big risk in planning and executing their business and working on their stable jobs. In fact, many people who have started their jobs in earnest can suffer from business failures. However, it is difficult for time to start your own business without quitting your job.

But what about stock investment? Investing stocks investing in a business shares can be seen in the same context in the same context, starting with a side job in addition to its main business. This means that if you approach ‘business partnership’, which occupies a stake in future growth rather than short -term trading, it means that workers can work together with their own business. Although volatility may be, long -term investments in great companies such as Apple, Google, and Samsung Electronics can be a more comfortable choice than a private start -up such as an ice plate.

In the end, I believe that in order to succeed in investing in stocks, we must sign a business partnership with a good company. In addition, investing a good company at an attractive price is a shortcut to making money. No matter how good a company, if you buy it more expensive than the value, it’s like using a gourd. (For example, Samsung Electronics is a great global company, but if it has risen to ‘100,000 electrons’ as it rose to the beginning of this year, it would have been lost so far.) It is necessary to select companies. To this end, understanding of value evaluation indicators (PER, PBR, EPS, etc.) comparing corporate value is also essential. In the future, let’s study various investment knowledge and corporate analysis we need to know to find good companies in the ‘workers’ capitalist survival’.

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