Do you see “on -campus hierarchy”? “Surprising intentions” in the selection of songs in the movie “Spider -Man: Homecoming” (Bunshun Online)

Marvel Studios in the United States, including “Avengers” and “Spider -Man”, release new hero movies one after another. Above all, the movie series, which starts with Iron Man in 2008, is called “MCU” for “Marvel Cinematic Universe”, and it is familiar that it shares the same world view. [Photo] See photos of this article (3 pieces) Here, some of the book “Marvel Cinematic Universe Music Thinking” (East Press) focusing on “music” that colored MCU heroes. Excerpt. The author, Tomoyo Sohino, the author, and Yoshio Takahashi, a music journalist, introduced the content of Spider -Man: Home Caming. (Read the first two times/ second part) ◆◆◆ “Spider -Man: Homecoming” (released in 2017) DVD “Spider -Man: Home Cumming” 2017 Released/ Sony Pictures Entertainment Peter Parker, Spider -Man, who participated. He sent a school life as an ordinary high school student during the day, and after school he worked for heroes. One day, the Villan “Valcure”, who 더존카지노 has a grudge against Tony Stark, wears a huge wings and is in danger of New York. [Director] John Watts [Screenplay] Jonathan Goldstein/John Francis Daily/John Watz/Christopher Ford/Christopher Ford/Eric Somers [Cast] Tom Holland (Peter Parker/Spider -Man) Michael Keaton (Adrian Tooms/Valcure) Robert Downey Jr.・ I wasn’t very conscious of the Pictures Entertainment movie because it was a movie of Pictures Entertainment, but when I watch it again, I realize that there are many special devices for Sony movies. At first, the Avengers theme song will be applied to the Columbia Lady (the “Freedom Goddess” style logo), and then the Sony version of Spider -Man theme songs will be on the Marvel studio logo. Sony and Marvel are directing each other. As Sony makes a Spider -Man movie as “one of the MCUs”, I am happy as a fan.

The boy’s boy has talked to the owner (father) and talked to Tokyo on a holiday on a holiday.

“The owner is gambling addiction, and I’m doing a bakara in the back casino in Tokyo with a lot of money every month.”

“Do you bet with the owner with the owner?”

“The owner wants to gamble alone, so always give me 40,000 yen and go with soap.”

“You’re lucky”

“But three hours later, the owner picks me up and calls me 카지노 and I’m driving from Tokyo.”

The owner is the gold sold in the rural cabaret club, and go to the back casino.

It was illegal and I was convinced that it was a Dameoner.

In the past, when I heard the price of my brother, the back casino was the highest.