“8th part 2 [What about online casinos? ]]

Seriously dangerous gambling.

I think that I could win rather than going to pachinko or pachislot.

I want to overcome gambling addiction, but I think it’s strange to write such a blog.

I think online casinos can win with pachinko and pachislot.

Even so, I win to win, but there are more money to lose than pachinko and pachislot.

The reason is simple.

Because you can do 24 hours, you can choose your own bet.

If 카지노 you can do it for 24 hours and you can choose your own bet, you will someday win.

I have 100,000 yen for 300,000, I think that it is no good, and I turn 500 times for 600 yen, 300,000 times, and several times.

Instead, it was 10 minutes and 15 minutes, and it disappeared by 2 or 30,000.

If you write on your blog like this, you can see the horror of online casinos.

To put it simply, Baccarat and roulette red and black 2, if you bet 100,000, 200,000, and if you lose, it will be -100,000.

If you say, you will have a button within 30 seconds.

To be clear, my head gets squid.

The sense of money will also go wrong.

By the way, last year it was about 400,000 yen.

Because of these results, I want to be tsukkomi again.

Even if you lose, you can aim for a one -shot reversal, or if you are lucky to raise your bet, you can return it in no time.

But it is easy to disappear.

I’m really scared.

I don’t know how much I lost this year, but I think it’s still in time.

So I wanted to stop gambling.

Online casinos can win for a while.

But if you notice, you are losing greatly.

Gambling addicts can’t win.

I’m scared while writing this blog.

I want to get out.

If you don’t write a blog like this, you’re going to make a payment again

When I get gambling for myself, I’m going to write a blog


PC case

2052 yen

M.2 2280 256GB

3199 yen

PC switch

1000 yen

It was 6251 yen in total.

The successful bid is 19501 yen,

It was 25752 yen when combined.

Intel’s Core i9 9900K (8 cores 온라인바카라 16 slots) costs 30,000 yen or more, so

In terms of cospa, I think AMD⁉️ is good.


Corei 9 has better performance, but

The remaining parts are

Only PC power supply is now

Open frame PC case

(Ryzen) I purchased it on Amazon on a PC for verification.

If you put it in the case completely, it will be difficult to exchange parts and you can buy it at a discount, so I clicked on it.

SATA M.2 256GB

It was cheap on Amazon’s sale, so I clicked on it.

There are parts from the LGA775 -9th generation Corei series for Intel generations,

AMD environment

I only have this, so

I couldn’t compare it with Intel and AMD, so I made a successful bid.

Later, the motherboard for Ryzen of AMD

It is also a reasonable bid that it corresponds to most Ryzen.

When it arrives

We will open and update the blog ❗️