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Run 500 km and 5 hours from Cobs Harbor. I feel good to go to the interview. He has already passed and settled in Sydney. He and Camry finally arrive in Sydney. The interview job is a casino cleaner and the next day is the next day. He searches for the casino with his cell phone, and at the same time, he prepares his own interviews by following the memories of cleaning at the martial arts president.

In Korea, gambling is illegal, but Australia is legal. In Korea, you can only gamble in the area (Gangwon Land) set by the state, but Australia is not. Therefore, all major cities in Australia, such as Brisbane, Sydney, and Melbourne, are all casinos. If he passes the interview, he will work in Sydney Casino.

The casino building is huge and gorgeous in any city. It’s so big that you can identify the casino building anywhere in the city. Especially at night, the casino building shines with five colorful lights. It feels like Las Vegas I saw in the movie. Golden yellow lights surround the entire casino building. As such, the casino attracts and seduces everyone passing by.

If you enter the casino, you can play several games. When the three slots go back, the machine that pops up when the 777 is hit, the fish in the sea, the machine on the screen (called the baccarat), the blackjack with the dealer, the dice, etc. Various games take place. Under colorful lights, people are all enthusiastic about the game. It is cheered and wrapped around the head. The waiter wanders around and serves drinks, and there are guardians wearing black suits and wearing a radio in their ears.

The same is true of Warholers that they are tempted by casinos. He saw a lot of reviews related to casinos in the Warholer’s community. There are quite a few reviews of $ 100,000. If it’s $ 100,000, it’s 85 million won, but if the exchange rate exceeds 1,000 won, it is more than 100 million won. It’s less than $ 1,000, and there’s often a Warholler that costs $ 100,000 a night in the casino. The question is whether there is self -control to put the money in the account and save it.

In the late Casino of Warholers, there is no story that he saved the money he paid from the casino and became rich. There is no at all. Without a single exception, he loses all the money he has earned. Every time he sees this review, the money is too wasteful. I’d rather give him that money. If he’s paying $ 100, he is confident that he will not look back. But he does not bet on the casino itself. Warholers, who earn $ 100,000, have a little understanding of where they learned. He does not understand gambling itself, so he is unlikely to get $ 100,000. He imagines a $ 1000 casino and blow it away. He is hardly unacceptable. The reason why he doesn’t jump into the gambling board is not self -control, but because of money.

Casino, gambling addiction is scary. Casino is always crowded with people. When the evening opening time approaches, people are already in line. Among them, there are not many Korean Warhol and international students. This is the worst case he saw. I was an international student, and I threw all my tuition fees from the Korean family. I can’t tell 메가슬롯 my family, so I go to school with the lost tuition for the dawn day.

The casino side receives a request for entry. If you are too addicted to the casino, you can’t stop it. This is sad and angry. To some extent, do you have to lose your temperance, and you will ask the casino to stop your position? He has never been in gambling, and he cannot understand. In fact, many people ask for a ban on the casino. However, the prohibition of admission applies only to the casino. Those who do not have gambling even after they have been banned by their own ban, they move the city to gamble again in a new casino. It is no different from the way you can’t stop gambling after cutting your fingers to quit gambling.

Casino is dangerous. Those who run casinos are not volunteers, so they adjust the probability of all games to them. It is the casino’s clever strategy that visitors earn the first few money. It loses self -control and keeps raising the money by winning money, eventually losing all until the main battle.

The casino is dangerous, but working in the casino is a bit different. Most casinos are linked to various services such as restaurants, restaurants, and ballet parking. Very sometimes, there is a place to dig into this structure for Warholers. A small number of warholers work in the casino as a waiter and a ballet parking agent. The casino day is over $ 20, but there are several deposits. Occasionally, they may be tips on the rich people, or pick up someone’s chips. The exaggeration may have been mixed, but the rumored rumors say that the tip or picked chip costs a thousand dollars for a thousand dollars. It is the money equivalent to the hourly wage.

He is more eager for this interview because he knows this information about casinos. Although it is cleaned, there will be several incidants when cleaning in the casino. He unfolds his imagination. He plans to work in casinos, make new experiences, make a lot of money, and enjoy the city of Sydney.

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