“☆ Thinking, tomorrow is 8:30 entrance lottery ☆”

Good evening! J!

☆ 〓 ☆ 〓 ☆ 〓 ☆ 〓 ☆ 〓 ☆ 〓 ☆

September Slot 9th year

Various thoughts ☆

☆ 〓 ☆ 〓 ☆ 〓 ☆ 〓 ☆ 〓 ☆ 〓 ☆

☆ 〓 ☆ 〓 ☆ 〓 ☆ 〓 ☆ 〓 ☆ 〓 ☆

Thursday, September 22nd tomorrow

8:30 entrance lottery

Open at 9:00!

☆ 〓 ☆ 〓 ☆ 〓 ☆ 〓 ☆ 〓 ☆ 〓 ☆

Even the day before entering the three consecutive holidays, the Marine slot is even more fun!

In all units! ! In each unit! ! At our shop of Shindai replacement Week

Please enjoy it with your favorite one (^○^)

・ Flow from the day before (considering it even if it was sick or too good)

・ Relationship with new platform (manufacturer, character, etc.)

・ The most recent trend (weekends and late 8:30 draws in the near future)

・ This platform is calling me (believing in myself and taking care of my intuition)

Find a new stand or a model derived from the soon

The rest is just driven! Furthermore, the inside of the store on the day

Check it out and take a flexible turn around! !

You can find it because there is always!

You can enjoy it because there is always!

Up to all 176 slots in the introduction of 6.5 units!

Please experience the joy of finding the fun to find (^o^) 카지노사이트 /

Pachinko is our signboard model

☆ Neon Genesis Evangelion -Roar to the Future-

☆ Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn

240 pachinko 4 yen pachinko & 1 yen pachinko 150 units centered on

We will welcome customers with 390 units (^o^) /

On Sunday the other day, the ball box is narrowed from the corner to the middle passage

The situation is still a new sight in memory!

I’m convinced to see! It’s fun to play!

Please enjoy it tomorrow with Marine’s pachinko ♪

Speaking of a new stand, Marine!

★ ☆ ★ Slot latest model ★ ☆ ★

Pachislot BOOWY (D-Light)

Today is the second day of replacing the new stand!

The latest model pachislot BOOWY is in the form of rough waves

Almost one blow, almost one blow, a deadlock, a remedy removal platform

It appears brilliantly and looks into the scale of God (・ ∀ ・)

If the situation overlaps, this may not be a dream.

Furthermore, the slot is rough because it is Wednesday

I enjoyed it! Reactive platform, platform that did not do,

Plus finished with buried platform, few driving

Focusing on variety corners, such as leaving it as it is

There were various developments today! (^^)!

Click here for data check ↓

Papimo & Site Seven

If you don’t want to hit a pachinko, if you are in trouble

Today is not a blog blog …

It is the present, such as the feeling of divorce four years ago. It will be a long sentence

Once six years ago, a former husband made nearly 5 million debts in an investment fraud. I don’t have any money and I don’t get money! I’m really stupid. ← This is a former mother -in -law (living together) is replaced by the son of the only child. With the promise of repayment little by little every month … I am delayed and I always say disgusting 😂

Two years later. Discovered over 4 million debts. This excuse …

“Replacement of the company. The company pays interest every month and pays a month. Is there a company that lets employees cash and repay? I have never heard. For example, if you take the transportation expenses and settle the next month, there is! Regarding the money, I was a man with no credit … I thought it was impossible.

I don’t want to smoke the air in the same room, and it’s impossible to see my face. I lost about 8 kg due to stress … it was really ridiculous.

I also contacted my parents’ mother. I thought I would be opposed … leave home. Move as soon as you transfer money!

Surprisingly and happy with unexpected development.

I didn’t need an alimony, just thought about leaving the house early, searched for my house … I went to get a divorce notice and left the house. Pilliod for 17 years of life.

I talked to the children, and I left home only because I didn’t want to transfer to my eldest daughter (2), my son (middle 3). I could meet the children at any time and get in touch. The children were worried, but my body was screaming.

This year, the former mother -in -law has the same breast cancer as me. I had surgery about two weeks later. On the day of the surgery, the incredible behavior of the former husband 💢 The skin, mammary glands, etc. removed from the surgery of the former mother -in -law were taken into a copy, and LINE to the daughter. “Today’s dinner.” It’s my daughter Don pull. I don’t say my illness. The act of sending a photo 💢 It was good to divorce.

When the child was small, a slot on the weekend. It was almost the same as the mother and child family. 크레이지슬롯 It was a life that gave up what I expected.

Then the former mother -in -law …

Breast cancer and preoperative anticancer drug. Hair loss begins and wig life. The wig is 250,000 yen. The wig stand is 10,000 yen. I bought it all at once. My grandson (my daughter) says … It’s an expensive wig, but it can only be seen as a slapstick.

I was the director of the hospital accounting section until retirement, so I have a lot of money. I don’t like the place to say the amount. The grandchild’s event is … I feel like I did it. My parents have never said. Because I’m a grandchild, I’m just doing what I can do! When. My parents who can respect

On the day I left the house, I really wanted to give 500,000, but I had to return my debt (300,000 to my sister’s husband). Make a move! Is given. In me, I borrowed my sister’s husband. I didn’t know

I’m sorry for my parents and children …

Well, now I am …

I live happily with a very understandable partner. I had my parents meet. Even if you know the illness, they come to the hospital together every time, and of course the surgery day. I love it even if it gets smooth with anticancer drugs. ️ 😜。。。。。。。。。。。。 I can laugh every day. I’m happy. ← This is a bit bad. I’m cooking for cooking, so I make dinner. It’s the best

My partner says … Kao’s marriage 17 years is less worth it than a wig. ️ lol

I lost to the wig ~ 🤣

Now, zero stress.

Anticancer drug treatment that will begin next week. I’m worried, but I’ll do my best to run to the end.

Thank you for reading to the end.